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Install Backtrack 3 to EEE PC internal drive

4GB Version only (this procedure will not work on 2GB EeePC)

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First download and burn a copy of Backtrack 3 USB version or Backtrack 3 CD version.

Boot from Live CD & start a new konsole.
Use the mount command to show mounted drives and locate your SSD partitions, (Mine are hdc1,hdc2 & hdc3)

Unmount all the drives found in the previous step using
umount /mnt/hdc3/

We now need to create 3 partitions, 1st at 64meg, 2nd at 250meg and the 3rd will fill the remainder of the drive.
fdisk /dev/hdc

Refer to tutorials available on the net or use fdisk --h for help in order to create 3 partitions.

Once the partitions have been created set the swap partition (2 in my case) using
and entering the input type as 82

write changes using w

If you get any warning or errors at this point then reboot and continue from here. Next commands are

mmke2fs /dev/hdc1
mkswap /dev/hdc2
swapon /dev/hdc2
mkreiserfs /dev/hdc3

Continue to install Backtrack 3