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Backup your internal SSD drive

Updated 11-06-2009

eeePC Backup

I will be backing up my 4 GB SSD onto a USB drive.

Before you start, it is worth noting that the normal FAT32 file system on most USB drives limits the maximum file size to around 4 gig. With that said, if you attempt to backup an 8GB or larger eeePC then you will need to change the file system on your USB drive.

First we need to boot into Linux with a USB drive, open up a terminal window and at the prompt type:

sudo -i    to increase your privileges
Make a note of your USB drive by using the mount command. mine is /dev/sda1, also you will need the drive that you want to back up, in this example we will be backing up all partitions in one go on the hdc drive.

Running the backup
1. In your terminal type:  dd if=/dev/hdc of=/mnt/sda1/mybackup (remembering to replace hdc and sda1 with your drive names).  Sit back and relax, this will take a loooong time...

Restoring the backup
1. Boot into Linux with a USB drive
2. In your terminal type:  dd if=/mnt/sda1/mybackup of=/dev/hdc