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The PhatNoise DMS In Car Music System

Updated 03-02-2009

Phatnoiise DMS

The Phatnoise is essentially an in car MP3 hard drive that links into the manufacturers head unit to provide you with complete control without any addition remote controls.

This product is no longer manufactured but since I have one myself I thought I'd put together all my resources as they are becoming harder to find.


That Phatbox that is installed into the vehicle.

 Phatnoise Hardware
The Phatnoise consists of The Phatnoise player which is wired into your vehicle, Audi and VW models are supported via a wiring hardness usually available from your dealer. We also have a DMS cartridge which is a hard drive in a caddy to store you music on, and finally the docking station and software which you need to load music onto the DMS cartridge.

Why does my album get repeated many times whilst browsing?
This is caused by compilation CDs (Albums that have many artists).

My solution is to edit all tracks in CDs that have more than 1 artists so that the artist field shows "Various Artists". Then re-sync to the DMS.

When using Vista I get an error whilst generating voices
This is something to do with Natural Voices not being installed correctly.
You can download a fixed version here but as yet I haven't figured out how this works.

More info coming soon...