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Install Backtrack 3 to EEE PC internal drive

4GB Version only (this procedure will not work on 2GB EeePC)

Picture of backtrack 3 on Eee PC

Now to install backtrack....

mkdir /mnt/backtrack
mount /dev/hdc3 /mnt/backtrack
mkdir /mnt/backtrack/boot
mount /dev/hdc1 /mnt/backtrack/boot
cp --preserve -R /{bin,dev,home,pentest,root,usr,etc,lib,opt,sbin,var} /mnt/backtrack/

The last command copies all files to the SSD and mine took approx. 45 minutes.

mkdir /mnt/backtrack/{mnt,proc,sys,tmp}
mount --bind /dev/ /mnt/backtrack/dev/
mount -t proc proc /mnt/backtrack/proc/
cp /boot/vmlinuz /mnt/backtrack/boot/
chroot /mnt/backtrack/ /bin/bash

Now we need to edit the lilo file in order to create a boot loader.

cd /mnt/hdc1
nano /etc/lilo.conf

change boot = /dev/sda to /dev/hdc
change root = /dev/sda to /dev/hdc3

CTRL + O to save, CTRL + X to exit nano

Now activate lilo using lilo -v

All complete, reboot your system and check other tutorials for various bug fixes I've come across.