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Windows Media Center - Clean My Music Collection Part 2

The tags list for Now 71 CD

Now 71 Tags

Shown above is the ID tags for the Now 71 CD shown in a program called Tag&Rename, more about that later.

As you can see each track is assigned the album name of "Now 71", however each track has a different artist which is what causes Windows Media Center to start splitting the album into separate albums determined these first 2 tags.

To overcome this problem we need to fill the "Album Artist" tag which in my example is blank for all tracks. I will set this to "Now Various Artists".

All done... this should now be listed as 1 album.
***You may need to re-import your database using Windows Media Player before changes will take effect.

It is possible to edit your tags using Windows Media Player however if you have a large music collection I recommend using Tag&Rename which is what was used for these examples. The software isn't free but you can download a free trial here
Music Tags

Add Album Art to all your covers
We provide a software application to help you add cover art to your music collection which will greatly enhance your media Center experience. Please be sure to complete the music cleanup in this tutorial before you begin adding art. Your will find our software here