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eYaBBa Auction Monitor  (No longer supported)

Updated 16-05-2010

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The amazing tool for every eBayer! Imagine being able to watch the items you want on eBay from the comfort of your desktop. Never again will you need to log into your eBay account, navigate to your watch list and repeatedly press refresh!

eYaBBa sits un-obstructively on your desktop enabling you to instantly check what item is what price and when it will end. It really is that simple, no complicated controls and can be installed in seconds.

Download eYaBBa (Install Package)
1.5Mb (Version 1.7.5)
Requirements: Microsoft VB Runtime v6

DOWNLOAD LATEST EXE UPDATE (1.7.8) Copy to Program Files/eYaBBa/

Frequently Asked Questions

eYaBBa has stopped working! Item details are not displayed...

This often happens if eBay change the format of their listings page. To solve this download the latest version of eYaBBa.

When I add an item the display always shows "New Item Awaiting Update...."

eYaBBa must be able to establish a connection to the internet in order to obtain the auction details. If you are connected to the internet make sure you do not have a firewall blocking the connection from eYaBBa. This can also happen when eBay change the format of their listings page.


eYaBBa displays the incorrect currency symbol "£" or "$"'s

Right click on eYaBBa and select Options from the menu. Click 'more' on the options screen and make sure your correct country is selected. eYaBBa takes the currency from your Windows Setup. Make sure your correct country is selected in CONTROL PANEL/REGIONAL AND LANGUAGE OPTIONS

Will eYaBBa work in my country?

eYaBBa will work in the UK for and in the US for


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We no longer support this product