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Software - Panasonic Call Logger

Panasonic Call Logger

Updated 04-07-2009

Screenshot of Panasonic call log

If you have a Panasonic PBX with a serial port then this software will connect to and retrieve call information from the unit.

This free to use software is able to record all outgoing call information including date & time, number or extension called and the duration of the call. Any of this data can be searched and sorted to provide a quick display of information, or you can export the data to be viewed in an Excel spreadsheet.

The software has been tested with a Panasonic KX-TD 816 and a few other models. It should work on any digital Panasonic system that has an onboard serial port.

Download Panasonic Call Logger                   
6.92 MB
Requirements: Microsoft VB Runtime files, Serial cable from PBX to PC.  Any Windows based system. See below for installation instructions.


First install VB Runtime files

INSTALL SERVER SOFTWARE FIRST (Pc that is connected to the PBX via serial)

1. Unzip to your desktop.
2. Open the "PCL server Package" folder and double click "Setup.exe"
3. Follow the screen prompts, if you are prompted that an older file is being copied select "Yes" to keep the current version.
4. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\PCL\" and double click "CreateConfig.exe"
5. Enter the comm. port you with to use and click "Configure"

The server software should now be running as a service called "pcl.exe"

NOW INSTALL THE VIEWER SOFTWARE (on the PC you want to view the logs on)

1. Open the "PCL Viewer Package" and double click "Setup.exe"
2. Follow the screen prompts to install, if you are prompted that an older file is being copied select "Yes" to keep the current version.

All done, launch the viewer software to view the logs, the data will be refreshed every 30 seconds.

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