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The Core of your Entertainment, Music, Videos, Pictures, Applications and Movies, iTunes is the ultimate software, for you to organise your Media in a way that is both simple, yet effective. iTunes is also your personal store, to purchase all the latest CD's and DVD's.

Click HERE to view some iTunes Tutorials, including everything from Installing, to Syncing your iPod!

Your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, or any CDs in your CD Drive will appear as devices. Clicking on them will show you everything on it, such as Music, Videos, Films, Games or Applications.

One Click will take you to the 24/7 iTunes Store. Here, you can purchase the latest CD's, DVD's and Podcasts, and also visit the App Store. From here, you can buy a large variety of Games and Applications, to suit everyone.

Your Library is your Personal Collection of CD's, that you have imported into iTunes, and anything purchased from the App Store.

Syncing Your iPod
Simply connect your device to the USB 2.0 Cable that came with it when it was purchased, and by default, iTunes will sync all of your Library, to your iPod.

 The Latest version of iTunes is iTunes 8.