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Sony AIBO ERS7 - Load a personality

Updated 03-02-2009

Aibo Entertainment Player

The R-Code SDK conforms a set of tools released by Sony in order to allow programming Aibo using the R-Code language. R-Code is a scripting language for programming Aibo robots.

Using R-Code and some personalities designed by enthusiasts we can change Aibo personality to something complete different.

I will show you how to prepare the memory stick and copy a personality onto it.

Pink Memory Stick

The Pink Memory Stick
The pink memory stick (aka "PMS") has a hidden code that includes a special boot record for your Aibo and that particular aiboware that's installed onto it, only use a pink memory stick not the Aibo Mind Card! Always use a genuine Sony card reader when writing card data.

Loading the personality
1. Open the PMS up on your PC and delete any data that's on it, it is also worth noting that you should never format a PMS.
2. Download the RCode source from here
3. Unzip the and copy the contents to the root of the PMS.
4. On your PMS you should now have 2 folders, "CUSTOM" & "OPEN-R"
5. Download one of the personalities below.
6. Unzip the contents to the PMS overwriting the OPEN-R folder and any files in it.
7. All done, put the PMS in your Aibo and see what happens.