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Automatically login to Windows at startup (XP/Vista)

Posted on 24th June 2009

If security risks are low it may be preferable to have Windows automatically login after a restart, particularly if you use your PC mainly as a media centre device. It takes just a few steps to remove the need for ever typing your password to login to Windows.

To begin open a command prompt: and type control userpasswords2

Windows Vista Window

User accounts window

STEP 1 : Click once on the user that will be used to automatically login.
STEP 2 : Un-tick the box "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer."
STEP 3 : Click the OK button.
STEP 4 : A box will appear, enter the password of the user you chose twice and click OK.

All done, next time you restart the user should be automatically logged in for you.

Auto login